JOURNAL OF INSECT BIODIVERSITY AND SYSTEMATICS Taxonomic study of the marsh flies (Diptera: Sciomyzidae) in Iran

Farzaneh Kazerani, Ali Talebi, Jonas Mortelmans, Ebrahim Gilasian
2017 Sciomyzidae) in Iran. Journal of Insect Biodiversity and Systematics   unpublished
A faunistic study of the family Sciomyzidae has been conducted in northern Iran. Material was collected using Malaise traps during 2010-2011 from different habitats in Guilan and Mazandaran provinces. Nine species were identified, of them Elgiva cucularia Linnaeus, 1767 and Tetanocera ferruginea Fallén 1820 are new records for the fauna of Iran. A key to the 28 currently known Iranian species of the family Sciomyzidae is given along with figures of informative characters.