Modeling of the electron distribution based on bremsstrahlung emission during lower hybrid current drive on PLT [report]

J.E. Stevens, S. von Goeler, S. Bernabei, M. Bitter, T.K. Chu, P. Efthimion, N. Fisch, W. Hooke, J. Hosea, F. Jobes
1985 unpublished
Lower hybrid current drive requires the generation of a high energy electron tail anisotropic in velocity. Measurements of bremsstrahlung emission produced by this tail are compared with the calculated emission from reasonable model distributions. The physical basis and the sensitivity of this modeling process are described and the plasma properties of current driven discharges which can be derived from the model are discussed. DISCLAIMER Thii report ni prepared as u account of work sponsored
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doi:10.2172/5959331 fatcat:5oxca4kkgneihjhiv7utixvara