Coherent motion pops out during smooth pursuit

Mark W. Greenlee, Mark M. Schira, Hubert Kimmig
Stimulus motion is a prominent feature that is used by the visual system to segment figure from ground and perceptually bind widely separated objects. Pursuit eye movements can be influenced by such perceptual grouping processes. We have examined the subjects' ability to detect small amounts of coherent motion in random dot kinematograms during pursuit. We compared performance on tests of coherent motion perception while subjects fixated a stationary spot or while they tracked a moving target.
more » ... d a moving target. The results indicate that smooth pursuit can improve subjects' ability to detect the presence of coherent motion. We tentatively propose that an efference copy of the eye movement signal can enhance the ability of the visual system to detect correlations between sparsely placed targets among noisy distractors.
doi:10.5283/epub.41242 fatcat:w2r52ovyvvebtohfc5j32h5osa