Sintering characteristics of La/Nd doped Bi4Ti3O12 bismuth titanate ceramics

Aminul Islam, M.A. Gafur, Saidul Islam
2015 Science of Sintering  
A good understanding about the properties of La/Nd doped Bismuth Titanate (BIT) ceramics at high temperature is very important as the new materials being developed based on the BIT. Pure BIT, La doped (BLT), Nd doped (BNT) and La and Nd co-doped BIT (BLNT) powders were synthesized by solid state reaction method. Prepared powders were calcined at different temperatures and structural properties measured by XRD. For pure BIT better crystal quality was obtained at 750 0 C and for both BLT and BNT
more » ... r both BLT and BNT better result obtained at 800 0 C. Calcined powders were formed into pellets and sintered at different temperatures and its dielectric properties were characterized. Optimum sintering temperature for both BLT and BNT showed was 850 0 C and La and Nd co-doped bismuth titanate (BLNT) revealed optimum sintering temperature of 950 0 C. Therefore, optimum sintering temperature of bismuth titanate was increased due to La and Nd doping.
doi:10.2298/sos1502175i fatcat:wa7shw5twrd2nejycqhu42zv74