Maintaining balanced trees for structured distributed streaming systems

F. Giroire, R. Modrzejewski, N. Nisse, S. Pérennes
2017 Discrete Applied Mathematics  
In this paper, we propose and analyze a simple local algorithm to balance a tree. The motivation comes from live distributed streaming systems in which a source diffuses a content to peers via a tree, a node forwarding the data to its children. Such systems are subject to a high churn, peers frequently joining and leaving the system. It is thus crucial to be able to repair the diffusion tree to allow an efficient data distribution. In particular, due to bandwidth limitations, an efficient
more » ... ion tree must ensure that node degrees are bounded. Moreover, to minimize the delay of the streaming, the depth of the diffusion tree must also be controlled. We propose here a simple distributed repair algorithm in which each node carries out local operations based on its degree and on the subtree sizes of its children. In a synchronous setting, we first prove that starting from any n-node tree our process converges to a balanced binary tree in O(n 2 ) rounds. We then describe a more restrictive model, adding a small extra information to each node, under which we adapt our algorithm to converge in Θ(n log n) rounds.
doi:10.1016/j.dam.2017.07.006 fatcat:gxlusd3ffba7vokpxuey3qobzy