Coloring matters

1859 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
5~oloring Matters. 841 and will thus get rid of the charcoal dust, so injurious to the health of the workmen. The expenditure of water or steam may be estimated by considering the surface of the caoutchouc as the surface of a piston, and its depression joined to that of the printed surface as the stroke of the piston; consequently, when the basin is one metre square, there is an expenditure of one litre of air or water for each millimetre in the depression of the surface. Water appears on the
more » ... er appears on the whole the most desirable agent, on account of its non-compressibility and of the small quantity required in order to produce very considerable pressure, as also on account of its non-expansibility, which prevents the possibility of an explosion, for if any breakage takes place the water simply runs out. In experiments which were made with a pressure of from 20 to 30 atmospheres, before perfecting the press, the vessel repeatedly burst with no greaterinjury to those engaged than a few splashes on their clothes.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(59)90214-5 fatcat:u6yesa5levb2hbwhqgiortiibi