Aerosol particles characteristic of plant leaves

Haiming Haiming Fu
2016 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Mechanical Science and Engineering   unpublished
Particles emitted from vehicles are part of the major sources of air pollution in urban areas. It causes the incidences increasing of allergies, allergic diseases and asthma and climate change which is likely to impact plants and animals, as well as microorganisms. Particles mass measurements were used to assess primary biological aerosol particles concentration. Samples from tree were collected and analyzed as the purpose of this paper. The particles diameter distribution existing in the
more » ... is examined to evaluate the potential bio-aerosol concentrations. In this study, we focus on components of the particles, toxicology of particles via selecting four kinds of trees leaves analysis. Experiments show that fungal spores to be the most important contributors and the distribution of the particles diameter in the leaves is Poisson distribution, 0-1 micro-meter particles are about 5%-8% of total aerosol particles. The experiment reveals that leaves are affected directly by deposition of atmospheric pollutants and deposition particles interference plants absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide as well as the process of release oxygen and waters and affecting the health and growth of plants, at same time the tree leaves can reduce the concentration of particulate matter in the air, and reduce the daily mortality of population.
doi:10.2991/mse-15.2016.58 fatcat:ys7weypc2jgibj7ugnbcr2beti