Evolution of Fermion Pairing from Three to Two Dimensions

Ariel T. Sommer, Lawrence W. Cheuk, Mark J. H. Ku, Waseem S. Bakr, Martin W. Zwierlein
2012 Physical Review Letters  
We follow the evolution of fermion pairing in the dimensional crossover from 3D to 2D as a strongly interacting Fermi gas of ^6Li atoms becomes confined to a stack of two-dimensional layers formed by a one-dimensional optical lattice. Decreasing the dimensionality leads to the opening of a gap in radio-frequency spectra, even on the BCS-side of a Feshbach resonance. The measured binding energy of fermion pairs closely follows the theoretical two-body binding energy and, in the 2D limit, the zero-temperature mean-field BEC-BCS theory.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.108.045302 pmid:22400853 fatcat:vkui6eer4bfojm5rholivrge6u