Research on Oil Mist Leakage of Bearing in Hydropower Station: A Review

Jie Sun, Yuquan Zhang, Bin Liu, Xinfeng Ge, Yuan Zheng, Emmanuel Fernandez-Rodriguez
2022 Energies  
Hydropower is a clean and renewable energy, fundamental to the attainment of a sustainable society. Despite its efficacy and success, there is a need to address the hydroelectric stations' oil throwing and mist leakage, resulting in the deterioration of the generating units, water, and biodiversity. The conventional engineering measures to deal with oil mist leakage include: the reduction in the operating pad and oil temperature, optimization of the oil circulation loop in the oil tank,
more » ... ent of the sealing performance, and design of the oil mist emission device. However, the problem of oil mist leakage of bearings is complex, intractable, and cannot be solved by only one method. Numerical simulation can help to solve the oil mist problem and make up for the shortage of engineering measures. Yet, the mass transfer, involving multi-component and multi-phase flow, becomes a limitation for many numerical studies. As a result, this paper seeks to integrate the solutions by reviewing two influences: the global measures of oil mist leakage proof in the oil tank of bearings in the past 40 years, and the views and experiences of engineering practices. These findings offer some relevant insights into the effectiveness of the applied methods and solving of the oil mist leakage problem.
doi:10.3390/en15072632 fatcat:zlq6yvrv2bd4rmrjez7t5i6ima