The role of intracellular Ca2+ in the arrhythmogenic activity of pulmonary vein cardiomyocytes [thesis]

Alasdair. Henry
First and foremost, I would like to thank my supervisors Dr Robert Drummond and Dr Eddie Rowan for their extensive guidance and support throughout my PhD. I would especially like to thank Robert for allowing me the freedom to pursue my ideas and for providing valuable feedback and criticism over the course of my studies. I would also like to thank my clinical collaborator Professor Andrew Rankin for helping me to understand how basic research translates into clinical practice. Finally, I would
more » ... ike to thank Dr Niall MacQuaide and Dr Francis Burton for their help with the analysis software. During my PhD I made numerous friends which I will keep for life. I would especially like to thank Laura Hutchison, not only for her help as a colleague, but also for her support as a friend. In SIPBS I developed an extensive support network and while there are too many people to name individually, I would especially like to acknowledge
doi:10.48730/7t95-yv73 fatcat:l4wigi6dsndmbpkt2dkmpe2zfy