Using Feminism as a Bulwark Against the Intersecting Scourges of on the Job Sexual Harassment and Female Sexual Objectification: An Analysis of Violet Barungi's Cassandra

Mamadou Abdou Babou Ngom
2019 English Language and Literature Studies  
Using Violet Barungi’s Cassandra as a stepping-stone, I seek in this research article to analyze how feminism can be an effective weapon against the dyadic straitjacket of sexual harassment on the job and female objectification. The paper argues that male leadership leverage their stranglehold over their female employees to morph them into mere sexual objects. At the root of working women’s subservience to their male guv’nors men, the paper contends, lies deep-seated power
more » ... ep-seated power dynamics heavily weighted in favour of men. The eponymous character’s enactment of a gritty agency geared towards resisting cripplingly sexist practices in the workplace, and hidebound mindset in her society, bespeaks a dismissal of self-pity and discouragement that sometimes characterizes many women to their male-induced marginality.
doi:10.5539/ells.v10n1p1 fatcat:g6r2pngfkffhbleuwhx4mb5gde