Study on the Gear Gap of Gun Tower

Jiaqi Li, Zili Liao, Dong Yuan, Guibing Yang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering   unpublished
The gap of the gears has a huge influence in tank's transmission system even fasten the appendixes'deformation and the motor's damage. In order to study the influence of gear's gap and aimed to the nonlinear characteristic of gear's gap in the transmission, established a 3D model in CREO and put it into ADAMS to simulate. This paper has studied the difference of the force of the transmission in different gear's gap, and the influence of the gap to the transmission. All the work had built a good foundation.
doi:10.2991/amcce-15.2015.372 fatcat:73mcqqf4fnblpm3mom354xuquy