Radmila Milovanoviû, Ivana Ûirkoviû Miladinoviû, Biljana
2016 Journal Plus Education   unpublished
Assertiveness represents the aspect of social competencies related to indicators of socially-adapted and self-reliable behaviour. Given the importance of social competencies in the context of developing professional competencies of teachers and preschool teachers and the realization that assertiveness is a particularly important aspect of social competencies, this research was aimed at examining the level of assertiveness of prospective teachers and preschool teachers at the beginning and
more » ... beginning and during university studies. The total sample consisted of 699 subjects (254 candidates for the study groups for teachers and preschool teachers at the Faculty of Education of the University of Kragujevac and 445 first, second and third year students of the same faculty). The degree of assertiveness was measured by the Scale for the Assessment of Assertiveness (A Scale) by Toviloviü and associates. The results show that there is a significant difference in the degree of assertiveness between the candidates and students, in favour of the students (F=8.209; p> 0.001). It was also determined that the degree of assertiveness significantly increases in parallel with the year of study. Despite the fact that this increase is encouraging, given that it indicates a rise in the level of assertiveness over the course of the studies, the percentage of candidates and students, prospective teachers and preschool teachers, with low and extremely low assertiveness is troubling and indicates the necessity for planned activity aimed at developing assertiveness during studies at this faculty.