Using Triangular Function To Improve Size Of Population In Quantum Evolution Algorithm For Fractal Image Compression

Amin Qorbani, Ali Nodehi, Saeed Nodehi
2011 Advanced Computing An International Journal  
Fractal Image Compression is a well-known problem which is in the class of NP-Hard problems. Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm is a novel optimization algorithm which uses a probabilistic representation for solutions and is highly suitable for combinatorial problems like Knapsack problem. Genetic algorithms are widely used for fractal image compression problems, but QEA is not used for this kind of problems yet. This paper improves QEA whit change population size and used it in fractal image
more » ... ssion. Utilizing the self-similarity property of a natural image, the partitioned iterated function system (PIFS) will be found to encode an image through Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm (QEA) method Experimental results show that our method has a better performance than GA and conventional fractal image compression algorithms.
doi:10.5121/acij.2011.2613 fatcat:etwt77mb4zczjc4qysgzp3gloa