Multifragmentation model for the production of astrophysical strangelets

Sayan Biswas, J. N. De, Partha S. Joarder, Sibaji Raha, Debapriyo Syam
2017 Physical Review C  
Determination of baryon number (or mass) distribution of the strangelets, that may fragment out of the warm and excited strange quark matter ejected in the merger of strange stars in compact binary stellar systems in the Galaxy, is attempted here by using a statistical disassembly model. Finite mass of strange quarks is taken into account in the analysis. Resulting charges of the strangelets and the corresponding Coulomb corrections are included to get a plausible size distribution of those
more » ... ngelets as they are produced in binary stellar mergers thus getting injected in the Galaxy. From this mass distribution of strangelets at their source, an approximate order of magnitude estimate for their possible flux in solar neighborhood is attempted by using a simple diffusion model for their propagation in the Galaxy. Such theoretical estimate is important in view of the ongoing efforts to detect galactic strangelets by recent satellite-borne experiments.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.95.045201 fatcat:bnb5kdtvqbbsbh3vav56vm4dre