Психолого-педагогический потенциал педагогов к реализации здоровьесберегающей работы в ДОУ

Л.Ю. Ванштейн
2020 №5(136) (2019)  
The issues of training teachers for work in the field of preserving and strengthening the health of preschool children in the context of the implementation of the preschool education program in preschool educational institutions are treated in the article. The psychological and pedagogical components of the preparation of future teachers of a pre-school educational institution for the implementation of health-saving technologies are determined, as well as the aspects contributing to the
more » ... ting to the self-development of the personality of the teacher in professional activities are identified. In comparison, two educational programs are considered training specialists in secondary vocational education in the profile of Preschool education and bachelors in the profile of Psychology and pedagogy of preschool education. The analysis of the work of a pre-school institution to improve the qualifications of teachers, including those aimed at the self-development of teachers in the field of psychological and pedagogical sciences, is given.
doi:10.34772/kpj.2020.138.1.031 fatcat:aefl2ninprgrxiifsl5pj53jii