Functional identification of BpMYB21 and BpMYB61 transcription factors responding to MeJA and SA in birch triterpenoid synthesis

Jing Yin, Lu Sun, Ying Li, Jialei Xiao, Siyao Wang, Jie Yang, Ziyue Qu, Yaguang Zhan
2020 BMC Plant Biology  
Triterpenoids from birch (Betula platyphylla Suk.) exert antitumor and anti-HIV activities. Due to the complexity of plant secondary metabolic pathways, triterpene compounds in plants is not always determined by a single gene; they may be controlled by polygene quantitative traits. Secondary metabolism related to terpenoids involves tissue specificity and localisation of key biosynthetic enzymes. Terpene synthesis is influenced by light, hormones and other signals, as well as upstream
more » ... ion factor regulation. Anchor Herein, we identified and characterised two birch MYB transcription factors (TFs) that regulate triterpenoid biosynthesis. BpMYB21 and BpMYB61 are R2R3 TFs that positively and negatively regulate responses to methyl-jasmonate (MeJA) and salicyclic acid (SA), respectively. Expression of BpMYB21 and BpMYB61 was elevated in leaves and stems more than roots during July/August in Harbin, China. BpMYB21 expression was increased by abscisic acid (ABA), MeJA, SA and gibberellins (GAs). BpMYB61 expression in leaves and BpMYB21 expression in stems was reduced by ABA, MeJA and SA, while GAs, ethylene, and injury increased BpMYB61 expression. BpMYB21 was localised in nuclei, while BpMYB61 was detected in cell membranes and nuclei. Promoters for both BpMYB21 (1302 bp) and BpMYB61 (850 bp) were active. BpMYB21 and BpMYB61 were ligated into pYES3, introduced into AnchorINVScl (yeast strain without exogenous genes), INVScl-pYES2-SSAnchorAnchor (transgenic yeast strain harbouring the SS gene from birch), and INVScl-pYES2-SE (transgenic yeast strain harbouring the SE gene from birch), and the squalene content was highest in AnchorINVScl-pYES-MYB21-SS (transgenic yeast strain harbouring SS and MYB21 genes) and INVScl-pYES3-MYB61 (transgenic yeast strain harbouring the MYB61 gene). In BpMYB21 transgenic birch key triterpenoid synthesis genes were up-regulated, and in BpMYB61 transgenic birch AnchorFPS (farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase) and SS (squalene synthase) were up-regulated, but HMGR (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase), BPWAnchor (lupeol synthase), SE (squalene epoxidase) and BPY (b-amyrin synthase) were down-regulated. Both BpMYB21 and BpMYB61 specifically activate SE and BPX (cycloartenol synthase synthesis) promoters. These findings support further functional characterisation of R2R3-MYB genes, and illuminate the regulatory role of BpMYB21 and BpMYB61 in the synthesis of birch triterpenoids.
doi:10.1186/s12870-020-02521-1 pmid:32787836 fatcat:jlol3eyxkzfxxgroyow4rknrda