Incorporation of terpyridine into the side chain of copolymers to create multi-functional materials

Gregory N. Tew, Khaled A. Aamer, Raja Shunmugam
2005 Polymer  
Polymer architectures containing metal-ligands in their side chain represent a diverse approach to generating multi-functional materials. The ability to define a versatile synthetic platform will enable many chemistries and architectures to be studied. This report describes our latest efforts to prepare these unique polymers by either a direct polymerization of functionalized monomers or a post-polymerization attachment. Random and block copolymers have been successfully prepared. Subsequent
more » ... ctionalization with metal ions leads to a variety of properties including metal induced gelation and solvochromic sensors. q Polymer 46 (2005) 8440-8447 0032-3861/$ -see front matter q
doi:10.1016/j.polymer.2005.04.084 fatcat:blxdpntjkbepjigkfpm2b5dxqq