Multi-modal analysis of genetically-related subjects using SIFT descriptors in brain MRI

Kuldeep Kumar, Laurent Chauvin, Mathew Toews, Olivier Colliot, Christian Desrosiers
2017 arXiv   pre-print
So far, fingerprinting studies have focused on identifying features from single-modality MRI data, which capture individual characteristics in terms of brain structure, function, or white matter microstructure. However, due to the lack of a framework for comparing across multiple modalities, studies based on multi-modal data remain elusive. This paper presents a multi-modal analysis of genetically-related subjects to compare and contrast the information provided by various MRI modalities. The
more » ... oposed framework represents MRI scans as bags of SIFT features, and uses these features in a nearest-neighbor graph to measure subject similarity. Experiments using the T1/T2-weighted MRI and diffusion MRI data of 861 Human Connectome Project subjects demonstrate strong links between the proposed similarity measure and genetic proximity.
arXiv:1709.06151v1 fatcat:jmfo3lhhinhxpowarxdr4ln6vy