Efficacy of «Neoterica Protecto 4» against ixodidoses and other acaroses of animals

M.V. Arisov, I.A. Stepanova, E.A. Koshkarev, G.B. Arisova
2018 Russian Journal of Parasitology  
The purpose of the research: to study the efficacy of the insectoacaricidal preparation "Neoterica Protecto 4" against ixodidoses and other acaroses of animals. Materials and methods. 252 dogs and 158 cats of different ages and breeds naturally infected with Ixodes ticks and Notoedres cati, Demodex canis and Sarcoptes canis, as well as 35 decorative rabbits infected with acaroses caused by Psoroptes cuniculi and Sarcoptes scabiei varietas cuniculi were used. All animals were divided into
more » ... divided into experimental and control groups. For animals of experimental groups, the preparation was used according to the instructions for use, animals of control group the preparation did not receive. Determination of the rate of onset of the "knockdown" state and the height of the tick lifting on the treated tissue from cotton coarse calico size 10 × 70 cm was carried out on 30 Ixodes ticks. Results and discussion. 100 % therapeutic efficacy of preparation «Neoterica Protecto 4» in the control of ixodid ticks and acaroses of animals (otodectosis, psoroptosis, sarcoptosis, demodecosis and notoedrosis), high preventive acaricidal efficacy for 60 days, and found that the preparation has a pronounced «knockdown effect», the time of onset of the «knockdown» state averages 2.35 minutes at an average lifting altitude 37.56 cm.
doi:10.31016/1998-8435-2018-12-2-68-74 fatcat:wt5e4gde4bd4nbubajxji3daue