Tomato yellows transmitted by the leafhopper vector, Macrosteles orientalis virbaste

Shosuke KATO, Toshiki SHIOMI, Hidehiko WAKIBE, Setsuo IWANAMI
1988 Japanese Journal of Phytopathology  
A disease of tomato, showing the symptoms of yellows and stunting, was found in Saga and Hiroshima Prefectures in 1983 and 1984, respectively. Electron microscopy revealed the presence of numerous mycoplasmalike organisms (MLOs) in the phloem tissues of the diseased plants. Of the two leafhoppers tested, Macrosteles orientalis Virbaste and Scleroracus Jlavopictus Ishihara, only M. orientalis transmitted the disease. Tomato yellows MLO described in this work had a wide host range similar to that of onion yellows MLO.
doi:10.3186/jjphytopath.54.220 fatcat:dskt2r27f5fdvaoinvyldyg3se