To Ship or Not to (Function) Ship (Extended version) [article]

Feilong Liu, Niranjan Kamat, Spyros Blanas, Arnab Nandi
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Sampling is often used to reduce query latency for interactive big data analytics. The established parallel data processing paradigm relies on function shipping, where a coordinator dispatches queries to worker nodes and then collects the results. The commoditization of high-performance networking makes data shipping possible, where the coordinator directly reads data in the workers' memory using RDMA while workers process other queries. In this work, we explore when to use function shipping or
more » ... data shipping for interactive query processing with sampling. Whether function shipping or data shipping should be preferred depends on the amount of data transferred, the current CPU utilization, the sampling method and the number of queries executed over the data set. The results show that data shipping is up to 6.5x faster when performing clustered sampling with heavily-utilized workers.
arXiv:1807.11149v1 fatcat:3hhqugoqtfamtawwo5uujnbnd4