The Albanian-American Relations under the American Optics during 1945

Marsel Nilaj
2017 unpublished
The United States of America, which played a very important role during World War II, were seen from the European Nations as the lantern that would help into leading the continent towards democratic peace. Like all the other European states, Albania as well had such a hope. The communist regime which was implemented in Albania aft er 1945 was oriented from Yugoslavian communism in its fi rst years. The relations between these two countries seemed cold, but it was America which wanted to break
more » ... e ice and was asking for the situation to change through the organization of free and democratic elections, whereas Albania was looking for recognition of its communist government. The presentation of a communist facade in front of the Americans and with the change of the equilibrium, where Great Britain together with the Soviet Union recognized the Albanian government, forced USA to withdraw their requests, with the most important request, which consisted of free democratic elections. However, the Albanian people suff ered violence and oppression from a deformed Stalinist election system, which clearly broke the social, economic and spiritual equilibrium of the Albanians.