"Middling" Chinese Returnees or Immigrants from Canada? The Ambiguity of Return Migration and Claims to Modernity

Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho, David Ley
2013 Asian Studies Review  
This paper investigates the conceptual overlaps between transnational return migration and immigration by drawing on a qualitative study of Mainland Chinese return migration from Canada. The paper argues that reframing return migration as a distinct type of immigration draws attention to the citizenship vulnerabilities experienced by "middling" returnees that are not privy to the preferential treatment given to highly skilled returnees. They become considered as "foreigners" in their homeland
more » ... cause they have naturalised elsewhere. The paper also explores the double diasporic identifications of Mainland Chinese returnees from Canada; it highlights the tensions and fissures manifested in secondary diasporas, particularly in light of China's growing prominence in international business, foreign diplomacy and cultural exchanges. The paper suggests that social encounters marginalising such migrants in Canada are reproduced in China. The returnees navigate such encounters by mobilising their transnational affiliations to different national contexts.
doi:10.1080/10357823.2013.853167 fatcat:7h347hmqxzgepfippocjq77g5i