Mining enterprises innovativeness from the point of view of human capital significance

Oksana Komarova, Ural State Mining University, Vladimir E. Strovskii, Irina V. Peregon, Ural State Mining University, Ural State Mining University
2020 Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii Gornyi zhurnal  
Research relevance. Today, the main prerequisite for the improvement of mining enterprises performance and competitiveness is their transition to innovation-based development. The enterprises are directed towards the novelties, innovations, and changes, which largely depend on human activity revitalization. As a result, human capital becomes more valuable than metal, oil, etc. Human capital becomes exactly the value that determines the economic development. Innovation-based development of a
more » ... evelopment of a mining enterprise is the influence exerted by the managing entity on the managed enterprise with the purpose of transferring it to the required state. The effectiveness of mining enterprise innovative development management requires appraising the level of innovativeness and taking necessary remedial actions in order to achieve the goals. Research aim is to develop the methodological apparatus of estimating the innovativeness of a mining enterprise based on the development of human capital. Results. In the course of the research the need to switch to the innovation-based development has been justified, the special role in its realization is played by the effective use of the innovative potential. In its turn, human capital is the fundamental component of the innovative potential; human capital development conditions the enterprise's assignment to an innovative type. Methodological apparatus of estimating the innovativeness has been worked out, which provides for the estimation of the innovative character of technical and process transformations, innovative product and innovative human capital. End appraisal ratio is an integral indicator formed based on four indices with the account of the weighting factors. It is recommended to establish the threshold values of the integral indicator which will make it possible to differentiate mining enterprises according to the level of innovative development. In order to estimate the human capital, the author's recommendations published later should be referred to. Summary. The use of the methodological apparatus of estimating innovative mining enterprises will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of managing the process of switching to the innovation-based development. Control over the variation of innovativeness level makes it possible to take necessary remedial actions and achieve the desired condition.
doi:10.21440/0536-1028-2020-2-52-58 fatcat:vzayp4nzhvf2lauieahegnlusy