Epidemiology of equine motor neuron disease

H O Mohammed, J F Cummings, T J Divers, R de la Rua-Domenech, A de Lahunter
1994 Veterinary Research  
Equine motor neuron disease (EMND) is a newly recognized neurodegenerative disorder of bulbospinal motor neurons in the horse. We conducted a case-control study to identify intrinsic factors associated with the risk of this disorder. Seventy-four cases and 160 controls were assembled. Controls included horses diagnosed with equine protozoal myelitis, equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy, and cervical stenotic myelopathy during the same time period as the cases. Logistic regression analysis
more » ... s used to evaluate the association of each hypothesized factor while simultaneously controlling for the effect of other factors. Factors found to be significantly associated with the risk of the disease were breed and age of the horse. Quarterhorses are at a higher risk in comparison to other breeds of horse.
pmid:8038800 fatcat:jjtqmmqlmrgcdjdobyyvbxczga