Rural Educational Institutions of Western Siberia in End of 19th — Beginning of 20th Centuries: Sanitary and Hygienic Conditions

V. A. Zverev, A. I. Tatarnikova
2021 Nauchnyi Dialog  
The study is devoted to the study of the problem of the sanitary-technical and hygienic state of school buildings and premises during the period of intensive development of the network of educational institutions in the West Siberian region in the late 19th — early 20th centuries. The purpose of the work is to characterize the conditions for the functioning of rural educational institutions in a remote province, to show their influence on the implementation of the educational process in the
more » ... gnated period. The authors consider the measures taken by the authorities, medical representatives, teachers and community activists to improve the learning environment for students in educational institutions. Considering such characteristics of the functioning of educational institutions as the presence / absence of their own building, floor area for each student, air composition, the ratio of the area of windows as conductors of light to the floor area, water supply sources, heating, ventilation, location and number of latrines (toilets), the frequency and methods of cleaning school premises, the most com-mon diseases of schoolchildren. The conclusion is made about positive shifts in the organization of medical and sanitary supervision of schools, manifested in the organization of periodic audits of schools (their compliance with the current spatial planning and sanitary requirements was checked), intensification of efforts to update school furniture and its repair, as well as sanitary and hygienic education of students.
doi:10.24224/2227-1295-2021-4-372-390 doaj:446f60cebbb34fb6b0295f93ea1460ca fatcat:st5ri4ahbzajxivpda3wf2su3y