Buddhist Nuns with Social Security Work In Vietnam Today And Some Issues Posed

Dr. Cao Thi Minh Hong
2021 Volume-1: Issue-1 (November, 2018)  
Social security is an indispensable condition for any country to be able to maintain economic, social, political stability, etc. for its own country, and Vietnam is no exception. Over the years, together with the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, Buddhist nuns have made many important contributions to social welfare activities for people from different angles, such as taking care of orphans and children. orphaned without support; participate in relief and social assistance activities for people in
more » ... minority areas, areas with special difficulties, activities to prevent and combat social evils,... On the basis of evaluating the achievements, the author clarifies some limitations and difficulties in the process of this Buddhist work, thereby offering some solutions and recommendations to promote social welfare activities. An association for the people of the Nuns to contribute to the successful implementation of the country's sustainable development goals in the process of international development and integration.
doi:10.36099/ajahss.3.8.1 fatcat:uyo4o74v5ba3de6sgynqm2a2xu