The Impacts of Shell Thickness of Thermally Expandable Microspheres on the Application of Vehicle Underbody Coating [post]

Jin-Wook Park, Sang-Jin Lee, Sang-Hoon Ji, Hae-Na You, Ji-Hoo Kim, Kwang-Ji Ryu
2019 unpublished
This research was conducted to manufacture thermally expandable microspheres (TEMs) for vehicles' underbody coating and to apply them on an industrial scale. TEMs heat resistance was studied depending on the ratios of a cross-linking agent and an initiator. This research focused on the content of a cross-linking agent and how it affected the results. The TEMs' outer shell was thickened to solve the problem of the foam expansion ratio's reduction that occurred due to the shrinkage after the
more » ... um expansion (Tmax) was reached. After foaming, the cross-sectional thickness and surface of the sample with thickened outer shell were observed. The TEMs with the thickened shell showed the least shrinkage, which indicated excellent shrinkage stability, even after prolonged exposure to heat.
doi:10.20944/preprints201907.0249.v1 fatcat:vud3ysn5f5ff5kdwlyiskgn6ha