Efficient Memory Utilization for Resource Discovery in

D Ramyachitra
International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Informatics   unpublished
One of the fundamental requirements of grid computing is efficient and effective resource discovery mechanism. Resource discovery involves discovery of appropriate resources required by user applications. In this regard various resource discovery mechanisms have been proposed during the recent years. Simple matchmaking rules are used to identify each resource as a part of a certain technical category and the distance travelled in hops is calcu with the reduction in the time taken for matching
more » ... e resources based on the user's requirements. In this paper Matchmaking algorithm, Flooding algorithm, Swamping algorithm, Random pointer jump algorithm were applied for hops calculation and for efficient memory utilization of the routers. From the simulation results it is found that swamping algorithm gives better result when compared to Flooding, Random pointer jump and matchmaking algorithms. partial information of virtual organization is stored in the routers. This results in efficient memory utilization on the routers. Comparative graphs are also given to show the efficient utilization of memory space and hops calculation of the resource of the routers.