Towards a Mirror Neuron System via Dual Channel Conditional Neural Movement Primitives [article]

M. Yunus Seker, Erhan Oztop, Mete Tuluhan Akbulut, Minoru Asada, Emre Ugur
2020 Zenodo  
Mirror neuron system often refers to the brain mechanism of establishing and use of the equivalence of action observation and action execution. Mirror neurons were originally found in monkeys; but, recent neuroimaging data indicate that the adult human brain is endowed with a mirror neuron system, containing mirror neurons and related circuits for matching the observation and execution of actions. Exact mechanism of the mirror system is far from known although computational models have been
more » ... osed to explain certain functions of the system in the past. In this paper, we propose a mirror neuron system based on a novel computational system called Conditional Neural Movement Primitives (CNMPs), and report our preliminary findings. In the proposed system, the visual data and motor signals generated during self-action are fused together via CNMP learning, which allows sharing and mirroring of the relevant information from the two domains. After learning, the system can predict the full action trajectory and visual scene together, given the partial observation of an action, and generalize the knowledge it learned to different scene configurations
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4726656 fatcat:7njjbmodlbgvdkmfaezxeeguem