The Fast Discrete Interaction Approximation Concept [post]

Vladislav Polnikov
2020 unpublished
Hasselmann and coauthors proposed the discrete interaction approximation (DIA) as the best tool replacing the nonlinear evolution term in a numerical wind-wave model. Much later, Polnikov and Farina radically improved the original DIA by means of location all the interacting four wave vectors, used in the DIA configuration, exactly at the nodes of the numerical frequency-angular grid. This provides nearly two-times enhancing the speed of numerical calculation for the nonlinear evolution term in
more » ... r evolution term in a wind-wave model. For this reason, the proposed version of the DIA was called as the fast DIA (FDIA). In this paper we demonstrate all details of the FDIA concept for several frequency-angular numerical grids of high resolution, with the aim of active implementation the FDIA in modern versions of world-wide used wind-wave models.
doi:10.20944/preprints202009.0462.v1 fatcat:47cz4ekjgnethjyiwo2yujfypq