Faktory ovlivňující výkonnost podniku – analýza empirických dat

Marta Nosková
2021 Trendy v podnikání  
The question of business performance assessment has been discussed by many researchers. Some resulting indicators of business performance can be applied in all enterprises (e.g. ROE, ROA), some have limited use (e.g. Tobin ́s Q). This paper focuses on finding the aspects (indicators), that could affect business performance itself, rather than to propose new indicators of business performance. The results of this analysis could help the management of enterprise to focus on the right objectives
more » ... the future. The research adopted quantitative approach. It is based on analysis of fourteen indicators (i.e. their values) processed in order to prove or disprove their statistical interrelationship with chosen performance indicators (ROE, ROS). The dataset, describing 784 large enterprises in the Czech Republic, was downloaded from Albertina – Gold edition. Data were statistically tested using Spearman ́s correlation coefficient. Findings of this research indicate that in the case of few indicators (such as Equity or Total debt in the case of ROS) the relationship can be proven. These indicators are presented, and results are discussed in the paper, together with the possible future research.
doi:10.24132/jbt.2020.10.4.34_40 fatcat:a2oecdcbd5hvzllmvl2uf4bksy