Reversible deformation and molecular reorientation exhibited by smectic main-chain elastomers

Tohru Tashiro, Kazuyuki Hiraoka
2008 Preprints of symposium on liquid crystals  
We observed spontaneous shape change of a uniaxially deformed liquid-crystalline elastomer composed of smectic main-chain liquid-crystalline polyesters with varying temperature in a cyclic heating-cooling process. Although the elastomer contracted about 115 % ((L-Liso)/Liso x 100) on heating up to the isotropic phase, the sample length recovered only 55 % on cooling to room temperature in the first heating-cooling process, the elastomer exhibited almost complete reversible deformation in the
more » ... ond heating-cooling process. By comparison of the sample observation with the X-ray analysis in the cyclic heating-cooling process, we recognized that the stain λ = L / Liso is linearly coupled with the orientational order parameter S. In addition, the
doi:10.11538/ekitou.2008.0.36.0 fatcat:7jbv4enifrgx3muv2vrwm4ia6e