Brightness Invariant Deep Spectral Super-Resolution

Tarek Stiebel, Dorit Merhof
2020 Sensors  
Spectral reconstruction from RGB or spectral super-resolution (SSR) offers a cheap alternative to otherwise costly and more complex spectral imaging devices. In recent years, deep learning based methods consistently achieved the best reconstruction quality in terms of spectral error metrics. However, there are important properties that are not maintained by deep neural networks. This work is primarily dedicated to scale invariance, also known as brightness invariance or exposure invariance.
more » ... RGB signals only differ in their absolute scale, they should lead to identical spectral reconstructions apart from the scaling factor. Scale invariance is an essential property that signal processing must guarantee for a wide range of practical applications. At the moment, scale invariance can only be achieved by relying on a diverse database during network training that covers all possibly occurring signal intensities. In contrast, we propose and evaluate a fundamental approach for deep learning based SSR that holds the property of scale invariance by design and is independent of the training data. The approach is independent of concrete network architectures and instead focuses on reevaluating what neural networks should actually predict. The key insight is that signal magnitudes are irrelevant for acquiring spectral reconstructions from camera signals and are only useful for a potential signal denoising.
doi:10.3390/s20205789 pmid:33066187 pmcid:PMC7602104 fatcat:tyixs2hconantiaab44iykffsu