Anℋ∞Optimal Robust Pole Placement with Fixed Transparent Controller Structure on the Basis of Nonnegativity of Even Spectral Polynomials

Andrej Sarjaš, Rajko Svečko, Amor Chowdhury
2012 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
This paper presents the synthesis of an optimal robust controller with the use of pole placement technique. The presented method includes solving a polynomial equation on the basis of the chosen fixed characteristic polynomial and introduced parametric solutions with a known parametric structure of the controller. Robustness criteria in an unstructured uncertainty description with metrics of normℋ∞are for a more reliable and effective formulation of objective functions for optimization
more » ... in the form of a spectral polynomial with positivity conditions. The method enables robust low-order controller design by using plant simplification with partial-fraction decomposition, where the simplification remainder is added to the performance weight. The controller structure is assembled of well-known parts such as disturbance rejection, and reference tracking. The approach also allows the possibility of multiobjective optimization of robust criteria, application of mixed sensitivity problem, and other closed-loop limitation criteria, where the common criteria function can be composed from different unrelated criteria. Optimization and controller design are performed with iterative evolution algorithm.
doi:10.1155/2012/735245 fatcat:zjwlq5p2qzaknl3gadtuxzyqnq