Factors Influencing Successful Information Systems Adoption in Public Organisations of Latin America: The Case for Ecuador

Nayeth Idalid Solorzano Alcivar, University, My, Louis Sanzogni, Luke Houghton
This study is focused on Information System adoption in Latin America (LAT), and it is based on the adoption outcomes of Public Ecuadorian Organisations (PEOs). Information Systems (IS) adoption is a multi-faceted and complex field where the use of innovative technology does not guarantee adoption success. This is evident from the numerous theories and a nightmarishly long list of empirically proposed drivers suggested for IS adoption studies in general. However, notwithstanding the abundance
more » ... adoption studies in developed, western economies, there is limited research on their applicability in Latin American economies, causing uncertainty regarding the suitability of established adoption success measurements there. The objective of the current research is to identify a set of the most feasible candidate drivers affecting Successful Information Systems Adoption (SISA) in LAT and to put forward an adoption model based on the adaptation of existing theories. The candidate drivers are determined from a refined list of numerous proposed or emerging drivers, clustered as themes, from different sources, including practitioners associated with public Ecuadorian organisations. The outcomes obtained using local Ecuadorian perspectives are transferable to the analysis of IS adoption in other LAT contexts due to similarity of cultures, economies, and political environment including a persistent low level of networked technology readiness.
doi:10.25904/1912/1304 fatcat:cqy5iacbineahdritw5utqwh6e