Injection of radioactive waste by hydraulic fracturing at West Valley, New York. Volume 3. Appendices [report]

1978 unpublished
This appendix contains a summary of the logs of the boring performed at West Valley. Yield 10 gpm (r); dd 145 ft (r). Abandoned drilled welt In shale, 140 ft deep on same property. Anal; temp 51.7; flow 0.6 gpm, 2 ft above LS; yield 10 gpm bailer test. Anal; temp 48.0; flow 5 gpm (est) 0.6 ft below LS. Anal; 19 ft of till overllas sand and gravel; screened from 18 to 21 ft. Anal. Anal; temp 40.5. 4-19-62. Anal; OW. Anal; yield 12 gpm bailer test (r); 0W. Anal; yield 5 gpm bailer test (r); slit
more » ... ler test (r); slit and fin sand overlie shala. Well may be partly backfilled. Water flows over top of casing. I ft above LS. Yield 14 gpm bailer test (r). Anal; gas; temp 55.0. 2-20-63; shutter screen 8-Inch diameter, 6-gage, from 336-376 ft; gravel packed, when drilled swl was +7 ft and yield was 550 gpm with dd of 92 ft (r); yield 2)0 gpm. pumping water level 186 ft on 2-20-63 after redevelopment of well; generally pumped from Hey to October (estimated pumpage Is for this period). Ces; Armco Iron screen, 12-Inch diameter, 6-gage, from 299 to 329 ft; gravel packed; yield was 275 9pn on 8-31-62 after redevelopment (r); yield when drilled was 535 gpm (r). Gas; screen, 12-inch diameter from 302.5-332.5 ft; gravel packed, yield 510 gpm, swl IM.7 ft, dd 39.** ft on 12-,M-t*8, periodic redevelopment necessary to maintain yield. Anal; gas, temp 56.2, 1-17-63; yield about 20 gpm. Drilled to 115 ft but cased only to 110 ft (r). H2S. Yield 5 9P* (r). H^S; pumping rate 630 gpm; screen, 12-Inch diameter from 122-137 ft; gravel packed; pumping test on 8-5-44, 672 gpm, $wl 27-4 ft, dd 16.4 ft after 8 hours pumping (swl at this tf"ie probably was affected by pumping fron wells 230-840-1 and -3). HjS; pumped at 600 gpm; screen, 10-Inch diameter, 100-slot from l44-|it9 ft; 80-slot from 149-159 ft; gravel packed; pumping test 5-14-42. 513 9P". swl 37.7 ft. dd 20.6 ft (swl probably affected by pumping of well 230-840-1). Anal; Iron; yield I gpm (r). Yield 5 gpm (r); casing backfilled with washed gravel to 310 ft. Yield 5 gpm. Pumping rate 150 gpm; construction details arm reported to be similar to those of well 229-856-1. Anal; supplies gravel plant, use Is seasonal; yield 400 gpm. Anal; supplies cleaner at asphalt plant, use Is seasonal; casing perforated from 26-30 ft; pu.nplng test, 150 gpm, swl 4 ft, dd 7 ft. Screen and gravel pack, 38-48 ft; pumping test, 150 gpm, swl 16 ft. dd J. Screen, 12-Inch diameter, 100-slot, 39-49 ft; gravel packed; pumping test 500 gpm, swl 17 ft, dd 7.1 ft after 24 hours pumping. On same property two wells, 60 ft deep, penetrated clay and were dry; a well 400 ft deep flcwed but yielded sutfurous water and was destroyed. Yield 2 1/2 gpm (r). Anal; yield about 25 gpm bailer test. Iron; cased to 150 ft (r, driller); yield 25 gpm bailer test when drilled; yield was Inadequate In summer 1961*; well may be partly filled In with send entering at bottom of casing. Anal. Screened from |1».9-17-6 ft; OW.
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