William Mackie
1898 The Lancet  
219 the chrome bath the pieces of cortex should be rinsed in distilled water and in a 1 per cent. solution of silver nitrate and then placed in a bath of the latter composition for a period varying from sixteen to twenty-four hours. Considerably longer immersion in the silver bath usually causes no deterioration and a 2 or per cent. solution may be used, but I have obtained better results by means of the stronger bath. Cutting and mounting.-The pieces of tissue are then to be hardened for a few
more » ... hardened for a few hours in 60 per cent. alcohol, dried on blotting-paper, embedded, without soaking, in melted paraffin, and after this has cooled cut into sections on a piece of glass by means of Schafer's triangular microtome, the block and razor during this process being kept wetted with 60 per cent. alcohol. The sections are then to be transferred in order into methylated spirit, absolute alcohol, chloroform, and xylol, and finally to be mounted in xylol balsam without a coverslip. .Development.-I have now for several months, at the sug. gestion of Professor F. J. Allen, of Mason College, passed my Golgi sections into water and developed and fixed them by the method of KamUS,8 afterwards treating them as above and mounting under a cover-slip. After proper development, which can only be obtained by experience, the sections do not deteriorate and usually are histologically indistinguishable from those mounted without this treatment. In conclusion I desire to express my indebtedness to Dr.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)97945-0 fatcat:2fkvhpeyrjd4xgdcw6pqc7ybzy