Performance Calculation of Field-Winding type Claw-Pole Motor based on Reluctance Network Analysis

Y. Ichikawa, K. Nakamura, J. Sukhwa, N. Kurimoto
Nihon Jiki Gakkai ronbun tokushugo  
A field-winding type claw-pole motor has a three-dimensional complicated structure. In addition, its characteristics depend on not only an armature current but also a field-current. Therefore, to estimate the characteristics of the field-winding type claw-pole motor, three-dimensional electromagnetic field analysis combined with its drive circuit is required. This paper presents a three-dimensional reluctance network analysis (RNA) model of the claw-pole motor coupled with the drive circuit.
more » ... validity of the proposed model is proved by comparing results obtained from a finite element method (FEM).
doi:10.20819/msjtmsj.18tr207 fatcat:5e6baa4jozcfnijjmt7wqrzd5q