A Systematic Review of SulawesiBunomys(Muridae, Murinae) with the Description of Two New Species

Guy G. Musser
2014 Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History  
Submission procedures can be found at http://research.amnh.org/scipubs On the cover: Dense, long, and silky-soft fur, brownishgray upperparts, grayish-white underparts, gray ears, white feet, and a bicolored tail characterize Bunomys penitus, one of eight documented species of Bunomys, all endemic to forested landscapes on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Nocturnal and terrestrial, B. penitus lives only in mountain forests where the ambience is cool and wet, the trees and ground covered with
more » ... hick moss and epiphytes; its diet includes invertebrates, fungi, and fruit.
doi:10.1206/863.1 fatcat:ifkepahnprcmddnebu5oeagqou