Tensor-based Multi-view Spectral Clustering via Shared Latent Space [article]

Qinghua Tao, Francesco Tonin, Panagiotis Patrinos, Johan A.K. Suykens
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Multi-view Spectral Clustering (MvSC) attracts increasing attention due to diverse data sources. However, most existing works are prohibited in out-of-sample predictions and overlook model interpretability and exploration of clustering results. In this paper, a new method for MvSC is proposed via a shared latent space from the Restricted Kernel Machine framework. Through the lens of conjugate feature duality, we cast the weighted kernel principal component analysis problem for MvSC and develop
more » ... modified weighted conjugate feature duality to formulate dual variables. In our method, the dual variables, playing the role of hidden features, are shared by all views to construct a common latent space, coupling the views by learning projections from view-specific spaces. Such single latent space promotes well-separated clusters and provides straightforward data exploration, facilitating visualization and interpretation. Our method requires only a single eigendecomposition, whose dimension is independent of the number of views. To boost higher-order correlations, tensor-based modelling is introduced without increasing computational complexity. Our method can be flexibly applied with out-of-sample extensions, enabling greatly improved efficiency for large-scale data with fixed-size kernel schemes. Numerical experiments verify that our method is effective regarding accuracy, efficiency, and interpretability, showing a sharp eigenvalue decay and distinct latent variable distributions.
arXiv:2207.11559v1 fatcat:7rqz6fn35ngl3mgxlvjvzkrkp4