Plaster of Paris Cast as a Block Under the Good Claw in Footrot Treatment

Hugh McCampbell
folks think a lot of, as you can see by this license plate. Beef and Dairy Farming are big portions of Tennessee Agriculture, as evidenced by several signs. You 11 notice that I have 2 topics on the program tonight. The I st one is entitled "Mineral Oil in Wide-Mouthed Gallon Jugs." Little ideas like this sure are convenient in practice. We started using these when I got tired of pouring Mineral Oil out of small-mouthed gallon jugs into my stainless steel bucket, and then trying to get it clean
more » ... over the next few days. I had a brainstorm and started using widemouthed gallon jugs. We filled them up to where the sides start tapering in at the top. This leaves room for Magmilax Powder, DSS, Terkaps, or anything else you might want to add. We bought Mineral Oil in 55 gallon oil drums, which is much cheaper, and of course it's easy to dispense. A readily available pump was used to fill the jugs. The type with a curved spout is made just right to set a gallon jug underneath for filling. There are 2 kinds of gallon jugs. One has a screw top, and the other has a snap top. The screw top is far superior since the lid stays on better. For treatment, we used to use a metal stomach pump, but we had trouble keeping them working, so we started using a bilge pump, which only cost about $15.00. They're available at most boat and marine supply stores. A trip to the hardware store to get a PVC pipe fitting, and some metal pipe fittings brought the taper from the size of the bilge pump discharge down to the inside diameter of the flared 161 0 "'O (D ~ ~ (")
doi:10.21423/aabppro19857044 fatcat:xr7brr7qyrer3eh4c63erwyqw4