Executive attention in proactive interference: Evidence from a Greek experimental school implementing CLIL

Lia Efstathiadi
The study examines the performance of non-bilingual young learners in a verbal task involving executive attention. Τhe forty-eight participants were Greek monolingual students, attending Grade 6 in a partial immersion primary school that implements Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). They were divided into two groups according to degree of CLIL exposure, but all followed the same intensive EFL programme. The experimental group (CLIL+) had a four-year CLIL exposure while the control
more » ... e while the control group (CLIL-) had a two-year CLIL experience. The study investigates whether apart from early bilingualism (Bialystok & Feng 2009) FL immersion can also yield cognitive gains in executive attention. The findings suggest that the experimental group was better able to allocate attention and control inhibition, compared to the other group.
doi:10.26262/istal.v23i0.7341 fatcat:lgmsflndkfazvjx7puo4mmqmfu