On the Estimation of Kinematic Parameters in the Atmosphere From Radiosonde Wind Data

1973 Monthly Weather Review  
A technique is proposed for computing horizontal velocity divergence and the vertical component of vorticity from radiosonde wind data. Utilizing a quadratic Taylor's series representation of the horizontal wind field, one can consider nonlinear variations in the wind directly in estiniates of the first-order derivatives of the wind components. These nonlinear variations are found to be significant in a number of cases. Vertical motions computed by the kinematic method and horizontal divergence
more » ... rizontal divergence are modified by an adjustment scheme. Comparison of these results with those derived from computations from a linear Taylor's series representation of the wind suggests that the quadratic model is superior t o the linear. Synoptic analyses of vorticity, divergence, and vertical motions over the United States at 0000 and 1200 QMT on Apr. 13, 1964, reveal good agreement with the circulation patterns and associated weather.
doi:10.1175/1520-0493(1973)101<0252:oteokp>2.3.co;2 fatcat:d52pmzwggfgrjaukonqu3deb5e