Rightward incrementality in encoding simple phrasal forms in speech production: Verb-particle combinations

Ardi Roelofs
1998 Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory and Cognition  
This article reports 7 experiments investigating whether utterances are planned in a parallel or rightward incremental fashion during language production. The experiments examined the role of linear order, length, frequency, and repetition in producing Dutch verb-particle combinations. On each trial, participants produced 1 utterance out of a set of 3 as quickly as possible. The responses shared part of their form or not. For particle-initial infinitives, facilitation was obtained when the
more » ... nses shared the particle but not when they shared the verb. For verb-initial imperatives, however, facilitation was obtained for the verbs but not for the particles. The facilitation increased with length, decreased with frequency, and was independent of repetition. A simple rightward incremental model accounts quantitatively for the results.
doi:10.1037//0278-7393.24.4.904 fatcat:lwflbrkse5bkpfkbv3whqvluaa