BRST-invariant Lagrangian of spontaneously broken gauge theories in a noncommutative geometry

Yoshitaka Okumura
1996 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
The quantization of spontaneously broken gauge theories in noncommutative geometry(NCG) has been sought for some time, because quantization is crucial for making the NCG approach a reliable and physically acceptable theory. Lee, Hwang and Ne'eman recently succeeded in realizing the BRST quantization of gauge theories in NCG in the matrix derivative approach proposed by Coquereaux et al. The present author has proposed a characteristic formulation to reconstruct a gauge theory in NCG on the
more » ... in NCG on the discrete space $M_4\times Z_{_N}$. Since this formulation is a generalization of the differential geometry on the ordinary manifold to that on the discrete manifold, it is more familiar than other approaches. In this paper, we show that within our formulation we can obtain the BRST invariant Lagrangian in the same way as Lee, Hwang and Ne'eman and apply it to the SU(2)$\times$U(1) gauge theory.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.54.4114 pmid:10021088 fatcat:wjgmpih5nzbzjpzacmko4vfaiq