Clinical criteria for the application of dry needling in myofascial pain Syndrome: An expert consensus document and a cross-sectional study among physical therapists

Nicolas Secorro, Rafael Guerra, Xavi Labraca, Marc Lari, Daniel Pecos, Bárbara Torres, Sandra Calvo
2019 Revista Fisioterapia Invasiva  
AbstractPresently, there is no clear consensus on the essential and confirmatory criteria which should govern the application of dry needling (DN) in the treatment of myofascial trigger points. The aim of this study was to generate a consensus on these criteria, via a panel discussion with DN experts which took place at the International Conference of Invasive Physical Therapy held in 2018, including the opinion of the attendees who participated in a live survey on the subject at the conference
more » ... via an app. The results obtained reveal discrepancies regarding confirmatory criteria such as the elicitation of referred pain; nonetheless, consensus exists on the suitability of the application of individualized and personalized DN treatment and the combination of treatment with other intervention approaches in physical therapy, with the use of ultrasound when required to support a safer clinical practice.
doi:10.1055/s-0039-3402788 fatcat:n4qu6a3brfawjfzqjyvrnehxle