Bir Uygulama Modeli Olarak Sınıf İçi Kurallar İle Yaşama Yönelik Değerler Kazand

2016 Turkish Studies  
Education has general purposes on improving qualified, capable and profound progenies as well as internalizing general vaules like, love, respect, honesty, tolerance, trust and cooperation. Clasroom atmosphere and teachers are important factors for giving basic skills in improving and maintaining social and cultural ordination. Especially students can learn how to choose correct behaviours and how to live a decent life by suitable values education programs. The appropritate educational programs
more » ... and qualified teachers could easily help students to became succesful and decent citizens. Generally students' attitudes, beliefs, priorities and behaviours can be affected by values. In classroom managemnet, settting the classroom rules according to basic and universal values, giving opportunities for students, for gaining these values are important. Teachers, as the main role model in students' life, have a crucial role on gaining their students' universal values inside classroom on daily basis. Therefore, we need to give applicable implications for teachers to unitizing classroom rules and values. This study, generally, focused on approaches and methods on values education in our education system, modern classroom discipline models and the role of teachers as well. Mainly the paper implicate for reinforcing students positive behaviours and gaining them universal values via effective classroom management models.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.9944 fatcat:5ehbxowqevd7fgdhfgdjdub6bu