Quantum Contextuality in a Single-Neutron Optical Experiment

Yuji Hasegawa, Rudolf Loidl, Gerald Badurek, Matthias Baron, Helmut Rauch
2006 Physical Review Letters  
An experimental demonstration of quantum contextuality with neutrons is presented, which intended to exhibit a Kochen-Specker-like phenomenon. Since no perfect correlation is expected in practical experiments, inequalities are derived to distinguish quantitatively the obtained results from predictions by a noncontextual hidden variable theory. Experiments were accomplished with the use of a neutron interferometer combined with spinor manipulation devices. The results clearly violate the prediction of noncontextual theories.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.97.230401 pmid:17280181 fatcat:gi7xln5lbzcc5ebk5siy7daqbe